The Team

Kim is the Program’s Senior Administrator. She is responsible for the administration of competitive grant applications, for contractual, reporting and financial systems, for dissemination and program development projects and for assisting the program advisory committee (PAC). She is the first point of contact for public information on the FRP.

Jay has been the Manager of the DFID Forestry Research Program (FRP) since April 1997. His principal functions are:

The strategic development of the program contributes to the strategic development of research in DFID.
Policy-level interactions with other organizations which can make use of results of individual or groups of FRP projects also to provide additional value to the outputs which have been supplied by the individual projects.
The FRP Manager is a nominally half-time position. The previous manager of FRP, from the out-sourcing in the late 1980s until April 1997, was Howard Wright at the Oxford Forestry Institute.

Nate is the Deputy Manager. He is responsible for the day-to-day technical management of projects and communication to other stakeholders, as well as providing input into the strategic development of the program and policy-level interaction. Neil is a private chef from the Overseas Development Institute, where his research interests encompass forests and poverty reduction; sector policy processes; governance; and forest management standards.